AZ Vegetarian Food Festival is This Weekend! (+ 40% off discount code)

Hey everyone! Happy humpday! Did you know about the AZ Vegetarian Food Festival is happening this weekend in Old Town Scottsdale!? If you were looking for something to do this weekend to maximize your time out in the sunshine, then I would definitely recommend the AZ Veg Food Fest. This lifestyle and plant based festival has […]

blogging challenges

Challenges I’ve Faced as a New Blogger

Happy Monday my party people! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! We laid low and it was exactly what this mama needed. Since last week, I’ve started writing based off of writing prompts from See Jane Write. If you missed my last post, “Why do I blog?” you can read it here. I thought […]

My Top 5 Reasons for Running a Blog

Blogging Prompt #2: Why do I blog? My blog is less than a year old, and I’ve already learned so much. As a part of the New Year, I’ve challenged myself to write as often as possible. If you missed my last post on  “Why I write,” be sure to check that out here. For […]

3 Binge-Worthy Podcasts You Need to Listen to Right Now

Podcasts….  I appreciate the fact that there’s truly something out there for everyone. From sports, to world news, life hacks, true crime & murder mysteries, how to be a minimalist, and even the chronicles of a millennial, surely there’s something relate-able for you. Podcasts are very accessible in today’s world. Being the Spotify junkie I […]

Why do I write

Why do I Write?

Blogging Prompt #1: Why do I write? Hmmmm, why do I write? Writing is something I’m fairly new to. Sure, I had to write (aka BS) my way through high school and college. Sorry if any of my former teachers are reading this, haha. But, I don’t recall ever writing anything that really lit me […]

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