Behind the Blog

I am a 20 something living in the enchanting Southwest with my little family.  During the week, you’ll find me working full time in the IT department of a local power utility, and on the weekends you’ll find me doing home improvement projects or exploring the beautiful city that we live in with my daughter, husband, and sometimes our little furry companion.

I am the first born on both sides of my family and raised by a military lifestyle which I attribute my need for always craving something new and exciting to.  My parents had me when they were just babies so we come from humble beginnings which I also believe has helped me develop into the person I am today.

The military life eventually landed me in a little town called Yuma, Arizona, home of the best damn bean and cheese burrito you’ll ever sink your teeth into.  I graduated from Yuma High, home of the “Criminals” (yes, that is the real mascot there) and moved on to become an ASU Sun Devil where I chased the American dream with a B.A. in Sociology and minor studies in Italian.

As I approach my third decade on Earth, I’m often asked what my next move is going to be, or when baby #2 is arriving…. (ahhhh!), but I struggle so much with that concept.  “What’s next?” Often times that means, what is my next career move going to be.  And trust me, I ask myself that pretty much everyday.  But I don’t want to be defined by my role within a corporate environment.  Call it the millennial in me, but I want to live life with more breadth than clocking in and out everyday.

This soul searching has ultimately led me to this blog as a creative outlet and also a tool in my box of soul searching  in hopes that my next move finds me.  All the while trying to enjoy the beauty of just being. Oh, the irony.

I hope you enjoy this new adventure I’ve embarked on as much as I do.

Sending you sunshine, Audria <3