Meet Amy, Fiber Artist Extraordinaire & Local Creative behind Moss Points North

Macrame…. little strings of heaven strategically knotted and twisted to form aesthetically pleasing hanging decor for your walls, or to serve as functioning household items like plant hangers and curtains. It adds texture to any space and makes a great house warming present or maybe a hey, I-was-just-thinking-about you-just-because-gift. Perhaps the gift really lies in […]

Life Update 07.02.17

I have a dirty secret… I don’t keep a handwritten journal….. G A S P! I have been advised time and time again that this is simply the best thing I can do for myself.  I like the idea of keeping one, but actually following up on that idea is not real life for me. […]

Living Soulfully with Marian Mellen of The Zen Bird

Life is full of paradoxes. Such as: the only constant in life is change, the more afraid you are to fail, the more likely you are to fail, or the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know. Or perhaps you’ve experienced the paradox of having so many choices to choose from, […]

The Birth of a Hipster Dad

The first time I saw him…. I noticed him years before we met.  A single flash of a memory, what he was wearing, walking so proud with his chest out like he does. Little did I know that his chest would be where I laid my head some nights, or where our daughter would catch […]

Pussycat Gelato: An Eclectic and Adventerous Experience

I’m excited to announce…. …that today I am kicking off “Feature Friday”, where I’ll spotlight a local business or creative. This blog stemmed from the passion I have for connecting with the local community and sharing experiences with all of you. Go figure, I launch the blog and then write about travel for a majority […]

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