The Teapot

If you follow me on Instagram… You may have seen that Clara and I had some fun in the sun at The Teapot this weekend. The concept behind The Teapot is simply the best.  If you are unfamiliar with this family friendly coffee shop, or have been wanting to check it out, let me help entice […]

Taco TWOsday Fiesta

In honor of Cinco De Mayo approaching, I wanted to share the fiesta themed party we just threw for our daughter’s 2nd birthday…hence the TWOsday. At its core, it was a fiesta for adults, because I’m pretty sure 2 year olds don’t appreciate margaritas and tacos quite yet, but give it some time. One of […]

Sweet Salvage Vintage

I had an hour or so to myself yesterday and I promised myself I would take care of important errands like go to the DMV.  But then I stumbled upon a friend’s post that mentioned Sweet Salvage so I decided that checking that out would become my new important errand.  Hey man, priorities right? In […]


One of the places my father was briefly stationed while he was learning to fly jets was Kingsville, Texas. A little s-hole 45 minutes away from Selena’s grave in Corpus Christi, pass a few cotton fields, desolate highway, and the town’s pride and joy, the Wal-Mart Super Center, and boom! You’ve arrived in s-hole Kingsville.  […]

Singh Meadows Tempe

Follow my blog with Bloglovin As I sat on our hot pink woven serape from Keep it Wild Co (great local company whose proceeds go towards beautification projects) I reflected on the fact that I had been there 3 weekends in a row. Discussing life and my ideas for a blog with a fellow blogger and new […]

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