Wowzas, what a year it has been! Reflecting on 2017 makes me appreciate all of the growth I’ve experienced in a short amount of time.

I’ll just go ahead and come out and thank all of you who have followed along on this journey and believed in my abilities. I’ve had some real super star support from the beginning and my heart swells with love when I think about it all.

Flashback to March of this year…when I first presented this crazy idea of starting a blog to my husband after a few cocktails one night. He surprised me by immediately grabbing our computer and looking up the domain name. It was available! He was ready to pull the trigger and purchase it, and I said, “You know, let me mull it over a little more.”

The next day I said, oh what the heck, and I bought and the rest is history! 9 months later, I find myself still fired up about where this crazy train might take me, with a million ideas I’m ready to execute.

Now if only I could clone myself and never sleep, I’ll have enough time to do it all! Ha.

I’ve been a little MIA on the blog because of the holidays. I wanted to really soak this season up with family. Plus, I told myself I wouldn’t try to do it all right away. I believe in slow and authentic growth for myself. My #1 goal with all of this is to really enjoy the process. Bonus if I can really reduce anxiety to a bare minimum.

I wanted to catch you guys up with what I have in the works and what you can look forward to.

Some of you may have seen my announcement on Facebook or the Insta, but I decided that since I didn’t have enough time to run my first blog, I’d start a second. Brilliant, I know.

To make it official, the exciting news is that I am going to be launching a new site soon called, The Old Town Local!

The Old Town Local is a a site that explores all of the lovely gems that Old Town Scottsdale has to offer. From the cutest boutiques and scrumptious places to eat, and unique experiences that Old Town has to offer, I’m going to be exploring it all!

So you may be wondering, “Why the heck would you start a separate blog? You already have one silly.”

Well you’re damn right about that. Here’s why….

My current platform, itsalwayssunnyinphx, was started on a whim, and was meant to be a personal reflection as well as showcasing local brands, shops, and events. A sort of catch all, if you will.

I still plan on running this site. In fact, you can count on seeing more content from me on a personal level. I decided I’m going to start writing every day based off of blogging prompts I found online to help me become a better writer. I find myself with great ideas, but feel like it’s a huge undertaking with my writing style because I have a hard time writing short & concise content, if you haven’t noticed yet.

Don’t worry, I’ll still be sharing local brands and events, because that’s my true love.

The Old Town Local is the chronicles of me exploring my own back yard in Scottsdale. We live in the Southwest Village which is right near Hotel Valley Ho. We find ourselves riding our bikes and walking to Old Town all the time. I’ve been having the best time ever finding new and old hidden gems, and connecting with business owners. I want The Old Town Local to be a destination site for out-of-towners and yup, even locals to consult with if they want advice on where to go in Old Town.

I’m really excited about the year ahead!

In 2018 I plan on being more strategic with my blogs and plan on collaborating more with creatives and small business owners. I want to introduce things to everyone that’s maybe been under their nose all along, or is new to the area. Phoenix is chock full of hardworking artists and artisans and business owners that deserve to be doted on, they’re making our world go round.

Local First AZ recently published an article, 5 Resolutions to Live Like a Localist in 2018, and I couldn’t agree with their sentiments more. Whether it’s buying your coffee from a mom & pop coffee shop versus Starbucks, or getting your produce from the nearest farmer’s market. I hope you find ways to shift your dollars to support local. You truly are supporting someone’s dream that way, and your dollar goes a lot farther, and is more likely to stay within our local economy.

If you want to be the first to get articles from the Old Town Local, head to the site and subscribe.

Wishing you the happiest and most peaceful New Year! Thank you for your support as I continue on this blogging journey.

Sending sunshine!


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