A Southern Wedding

Within the past few months, I’ve had a real come to Jesus moment with myself.

I told myself I was going to JUST GO FOR IT…. with life in general.

I was going to stop being timid about trying new things, I was going to follow my gut and passions, and I was going to find my voice, in writing (and also quite literally, in singing).  All of those things intersected into this blog, and I have been having a blast learning and absorbing information like a sponge.  With that comes other skills that I ‘m enjoying honing in on, like technical skills, writing, analytics, and photography.

The Gingerbread House, the wedding venue & our home for the weekend.

As you saw in my previous post, my husband and I took the best trip ever to the charming and romantic city of Savannah, Georgia.  This is somewhere I’ve always told him I would drag him to, but luckily one of my best friends decided she would get married there so we had an opportunity sooner than later.

This friend of mine, who is a smart, goofy, red headed spit fire, made a stunning bride…doing these photos brought me immense joy.  The setting at the Gingerbread House, was picturesque and the natural lighting the home had to offer from its abundant windows were ideal.

Ya’ll…..this bride….this lighting….

Within recent months I dusted off our DSLR camera that was stuffed into a closet for the past two years because I was overwhelmed with the idea of using it.  After a few YouTube how-to’s I went for it, just like I told myself I would, and the effort has been rewarding.  I still am about as amateur as it gets, but everyone’s gotta start somewhere, right?

These photos weren’t at all planned.  My friend started getting into her wedding dress before the hired photographer showed up, so I hopped to it knowing that these moments are fleeting and precious.  Wanting to be in the moment as much as possible, and not wanting to step on the photographer’s toes, I put my camera away after she showed up, hence capturing only a small slice of the bride’s day.

Grandma peeking in on the bride. This made me emotional!

What is it about living moments through someone else’s eyes?  Watching sweet Grandma watch her grand daughter get ready for her big day just made me reflect on “this is going to be me someday”. At least, I hope it is. Makes you also realize that you would be so blessed to be living this moment in the future.  Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Alright I’ll hop off my soapbox.

Ugh, just so beautiful.  Then, bouquet in hand, we moved our friend out into another room to let the fussing continue.

And then the most beautiful photo I’ve ever captured happened.


………..wait for it…………

I promise, it’s good….




Literal perfection.  Like, excuse me?  I don’t know if I’ve ever seen anything more beautiful.  The funny thing is, I was actually surprised to see that photo when I popped my memory card into my computer.  I barely remember taking it in the hustle and bustle of the pre-ceremony moments.

Like I said, fleeting.

Black & white edit, which the bride favored.

I was able to snag just a few while the love birds were canoodling outside.

Feed me tacos, and tell me I’m pretty.
L O V E is in the air <3

A beautiful wedding, for a beautiful couple, in a beautiful location made for the PERFECT celebration.  Wishing my newlywed friends a life full of adventure, love, compassion, and understanding that their path is unique and perfect.

Now pop us out some cute little ginger babies!

Sending you sunshine,


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