Discovering something accidentally happens more than we all probably realize. For instance, the featured photo of this blog post was when Tom and I accidentally rode our bikes down the wrong road on vacation and turned out to be the cutest locally owned artisan popsicle shop!

I accidentally discovered something recently that has provided me a lot of relief in a small yet significant way.

The bad news was: my car was having issues and I had to unplug the battery.  I realized that this meant I had to re-set my digital clock and I didn’t have time to figure that out.  (I get it, it would probably take me 2 seconds anyway, but I’m trying to make a point here.)

The good news was: I noticed my anxiety majorly decreased if I didn’t have the ability to stare at the clock in my car while I am undoubtedly running late somewhere.

You see, I’m a mom and a home maker, and on days when I’m feeling crazy enough, I’m also a creative person working on various projects at any given time.  I try to conquer the world before I leave for work and no two mornings look the same. Some mornings I squeeze in a few zen moments watching the sun come up as I gently stretch my body on my yoga mat under the peaceful sky, and some days are complete chaos from the moment we wake up.  It’s a crap shoot.

By the time I greet my coworkers and sit down to get my paid work started, chances are I’ve been up and at ’em for hours already. If my morning went remotely close to how this morning went my eardrums may still be ringing from the screams of a ticked off toddler who wanted to flush the toilet herself, but I did it for her out of habit.  (This is an unforgivable offense in our house.)

A lot of those mornings end in me rushing out of the door, prying our toddler off of my leg as she begs me to stay, realizing I forgot my badge or phone inside, trying to throw my 15 bags inside my car because I need to take half of my house with me, and oh yea my husband expects me to say bye to him or something. Ha.

I realized though, on accident, that ahhhhhhhhh wait a second, not looking at the clock as I’m running late feels good. I already know what time I’m leaving the house, I know it takes me “X” amount of minutes to get where I am going, why on earth am I going to torture myself with staring at the clock anxiously as I’m stuck in traffic. In this situation, partial ignorance really is bliss.

You might say, “well the issue isn’t the clock, the issue is your inability to get somewhere on time,” and I totally agree with you.  But the reality is, I’m going to get there when I get there.

Shortly after this accidental discovery, I noticed an entire slew of accidental discoveries popping up in my life and I took a few moments each time to either think about the significance or to at least chuckle if it was under strange circumstances.

For instance, dropping something on the floor and being annoyed with myself, turned into me being really excited because had I not gotten down on the floor to pick up said something, I wouldn’t have found the remote that mysteriously went missing days before shoved underneath furniture. Or being really frustrated with how clutter just accumulates around the house and going to town on it and finding several items that we were just saying “where the heck are these things?”

Another big example that comes to my mind is the home we live in today.  Had I not been just poking around on the zillow app, we would have missed the listing.  It all happened SO fast.  The house was under contract and then put back on the market THAT DAY and we made an offer with a handful of other people.

My point is this, accidental discoveries are kind of really important.  On a larger level, accidental discoveries have literally changed the course of man kind.  I didn’t have any concrete examples to dish out so a quick google search gave me things like: the microwave, a slinky, play-doh, teflon, super glue, and a pacemaker. On a smaller level, accidental discoveries are great because they teach us that flexibility is necessary in our lives.

I believe accidentally discovering something can mean a better life.  I also realize that there are some accidental discoveries that don’t make our lives better, like my first boyfriend in college accidentally texting me instead of his side chick that he felt bad for cheating on his girlfriend, BUT you get my point.

If we are flexible, we might discover a more efficient way to do things, we might discover a new food we like, or find an amazing gift to get that person on our holiday shopping list who is impossible to buy for.  Accidentally discovering something can be very low key or it can be the result of us opening our eyes more and listening a little more intently, and I say there’s nothing wrong with that.

Can you relate to this phenomenon? I would love to hear about any accidental discoveries you’ve made in your life!

Sending Sunshine,


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