The winds of change are a blowin’. It’s not lost on me, I’ve been MIA for almost a month now on the blog. When I first started this blog, I came out of the gates with a million ideas and a schedule I wanted to adhere to. Immediately I realized this started to put pressure on myself when I really couldn’t wrap my arms around what the purpose of my Continue Reading

being someONE vs someTHING

I had to stop what I was doing to get these thoughts down… As someone with a platform (aka my blog) to display my ramblings and musings, that has been happening a lot lately, these little nuggets of inspiration just sort of come and go. These days don’t be surprised to find me talking into my phone as I talk-to-text thoughts on my phone’s notepad, or furiously jotting down thoughts Continue Reading

Kitchen Inspo

Happy FriYAY loves! This weekend we are starting the foundation of our kitchen facelift… yayyyyy. I can’t wait to share before and afters of our space!  When we purchased our midcentury home a year and a half ago, it was a blank slate to do what we wished. The previous occupants had taken really great care of it, considering it was a rental. However, I instantly started planning on what Continue Reading

True life: I just turned down a dream job.

I made a surprising decision this past weekend….

I turned down a dream job.  Or at least, a really favorable career path for me at my current company.

Let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.  I endlessly mulled over it, and drove several people crazy in the process.  But you know what?  I feel so proud for being honest with myself and for following my gut.

I hadn’t even been offered the job, so maybe saying I turned down the job isn’t an accurate portrayal of the situation.  I was one of the few final candidates and I felt in my core that I would be an amazing fit for the role, but I realized the opportunity wasn’t an amazing fit for me.

Sighhhhhh. How could this be?

I have never put so much work into a resume before.  It was my best one yet.  I even made fun marketing collateral to turn in with my resume and it got me the attention I was hoping for.  I had great feedback from the manager, and things were sounding really promising.

Let me back up a little bit and give you a synopsis of my current career situation. After I graduated from Arizona State I joined my company by way of it’s world class call center.  I mean that, my employer takes so much pride in its call center and rightfully so.

The training program was rigorous and all encompassing.  It took 2 months to get through, and my dad even joked that some of his plane certifications aren’t even that long.  Haha, gee that puts things into perspective.

After about a year and a half, my current boss took a chance with me, hiring me on as her assistant totally thinking I had it together.  I didn’t.  Naivety and a positive attitude were on my side.  4.5 years later, she hasn’t kicked me to the curb yet.  I’m confident in saying that I’ve come a long way.

Naturally, after 4.5 years in the same job, I’m starting to feel the tinge of “what’s next?”  Well, I think I know what’s next, and it has nothing to do with my employer, and everything to do with me and my passions and choosing to put my energy into what fuels me.

When you spend the first 18 years of your life measuring up to certain successes; developmental milestones, grades in school, getting into college, getting that good job, etc., it’s hard to establish your own realistic measure of success.  When I say realistic, I mean relative to you and the life you live, and where you are in your journey. Not comparing to everyone’s social media highlights.

Something I am learning to accept in my professional life, is that, chances are I’m probably in one of the best jobs for my personality and work environment requirements.  I love interacting with people and assisting with a lot of different things, I love putting my creative touch on events and meetings.  My job provides me with amazing benefits and stability for me and my family.

So, why am I so restless?

Because I’ve been focusing on what I can’t do.

I’ve been extremely disheartened by being rejected for a handful of jobs.  And here I am, one of the final candidates for a job that I would have once considered a dream job for me at my current company, and I turn down my second interview with the group.

Am I a twisted individual?  No.

I have come to realize that I need to truly listen to me, and keep following my hunches.  That gut feeling we all know… I need to keep listening to that.

I’ve also learned that fear is going to accompany any decision I make in my life.  The greater the risk, the more afraid I’ll probably feel.  But I’m going to choose to let that fear sit with the excitement of the adventure I’m about to embark on.  I’m going to welcome it in, and let it teach me more about myself.

There’s a quote I keep seeing everywhere, “Bloom where you are planted.”

If it wasn’t for being in my current job, there’s a chance that I wouldn’t have the platform to even type these words to you right now.  If I was in a high stress physically demanding job, like dream job could have been,  I wouldn’t be energetically available or have the time to pursue my passions.

If you find yourself in a similar situation as me where you feel a little stuck, ask yourself why? Why do you feel stuck?  Or perhaps, why do you care that you’re stuck?  If your answer is, I’m not learning anything new or not feeling engaged in my work, then start seeking new things on your free time.  Start that art class or watch that how to video on you tube.

Once that passion is sparked, its like a domino effect.  Don’t go looking for it, start small with what you CAN do.

I invite you to join me in stopping the self doubt and focus on what I CAN do.  Stop defining yourself by your corporate self or by the restraints that are seemingly holding you back. Stop holding your life against any timelines… take it day by day. Enrich your own life and be your own person.

Have you ever turned down an opportunity or job? I would love to hear about your experiences.

Sending Sunshine,


Life Update 07.16.17

Hi Everyone! Happy Sunday, and most importantly, Happy National Ice Cream Day.  Is it sad that I found that out after I already had eaten ice cream today? If you’re in the Phoenix area, I hope you are loving the monsoon clouds as much as we are!

It’s been 2 weeks since I’ve last done a check in with the blog & time has been flying. I keep saying “in a few weeks when things slow down….” and things keep going, full throttle ahead.  I think I just need to embrace our new chaotic norm.

Since my last Sunday Sentiments post we have been enjoying having my parents and my youngest brother being close by to us.  They’re renting in our neighborhood until they find a more permanent home situation so it’s been really convenient to just get together on the fly, something that has virtually never been possible since I left home for college.  Now our daughter has both of her grandparents close by…it’s the best!

We’ve been plugging away at getting our house in order- mostly simplifying life and de-cluttering. We recently had pulled all of our upper cabinets off of the wall in the kitchen and we were keeping the cupboard contents on a bar cart out in the open.

I made it my mission yesterday to pull everything out of our cupboards, assess our inventory, and start slimming down & getting rid of things that don’t get used anymore. I was able to fit everything back in and then some and we were able to move the cart back out of the way.   Ahhhhh, more space. We have a kitchen project that we’re kicking off in a few weekends, so stay tuned for more!

At work, I’ve also been meeting with a professional mentor who is the absolute best.  I don’t think I could have been paired with a better person at my company.  If you’re reading this mentor…you rock! My mentor has been instrumental in helping me to develop self confidence in the few months I’ve been working with her.  This is in addition to my boss who allows me to pick her brain and make her crazy in the process, I’m feeling pretty prepared to expand my horizons in my career… we’ll see what happens!

In terms of the blog…. If you missed my last post spotlighting local creative Amy Guerrero of Moss Points North, hop on over to last week’s post for a Q&A and more info about macrame and where you can find her classes.  This Friday I will be introducing you to one of the first Phoenix creatives I was ever introduced to, and she happens to be a renegade florist and overall bad ass.  Check back in on Friday or sign up for my email list so you can get the posts sent directly to you.

In the meantime let me recommend to you some places we’ve checked out recently that you’d probably like too!

Phoenix General:

We picked up some Verano Bathery soap & a Standard Wax candle from this “modern desert boutique”.  The soap we picked up is a special collaboration between Verano & Phoenix general, called “The General.”  Nice manly scent for Tom :-). Located on 7th Street, just north of Missouri, you can find locally sourced & ethically made hand picked goods that reflect the creative aesthetic Phoenix has to offer.

Strawberry Hedgehog Shop: 

Freshly relocated to 15th Ave & Thomas in downtown Phoenix, this handcrafted all natural soap shop also doubles as a creative space.  Hop over to my Instagram to see their “selfie couch.” Their products are vegan and cruelty free and smell OH SO GOOD. We walked out with 3 of their scents, coconut almond, tea tree rosemary, and desert sage.  Needless to say, we reached our soap buying max in 1 day between here and Phoenix General.

Practical Art:

Located north of Camelback on Central, Practical art is a retail and gallery space that features locally-made items in wood, fiber, ceramic, glass, metal, and up-cycled materials, all made by local artisans. They also host a variety of crafty workshops, kids summer art classes, charity events, and more. Check out their site for a list of upcoming events. 

Changing Hands Bookstore (First Draft Bar):

Doesn’t sipping on a coffee or lavender mimosa (or in my case both, mmmm) in the middle of a bookstore sound amazing? Well, it is…. and you can experience it for yourself at First Draft Bar inside the Changing Hands Bookstore at the Newton off of Camelback, east of Central.  I picked up a copy of “Big Magic, Creative Living Beyond Fear,” by Elizabeth Gilbert (author of Eat, Pray, Love). Has anyone read this?  To be honest, I hadn’t heard of it until the cover caught my eye, and it sounds like just the sort of read for me right now as I’m making some big changes in my life creative life.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Kick some butt this week. 🙂

Sending you sunshine,