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POP PHX is a collaborative retail concept welcoming local brands, and is set to open its doors along Roosevelt Row’s Art District in early January. Located on the south side of Roosevelt Street between 5th and 6th Street, The Blocks of Roosevelt Row will be home to some existing businesses and some newbies. Like the highly anticipated Tacos Chelo, and Trapp Haus BBQ, and cooperative merchandising space, POP PHX. The Continue Reading

Support Local This Weekend!

Recently, I had the opportunity to hear Kimber Lanning of Local First AZ speak as a part of a Sustainability Speaker Series put on by my company. She spoke of the importance of supporting local within our communities, and how dollars reach farther within our local economy when we support small. She discussed the concept of “shifting 10,” meaning, shifting 10 percent of your purchases to locally sourced goods and Continue Reading

Malori Maeva of Hoot & Holler: Your New Favorite Flower Lady

Actual texts exchanged….

Me: “Want me to bring you a Honey Lavender Cappuccino from Berdena’s?”

Malori: “I think I have to say yes to that.  I’m not a monster, ya know?”

Malori Maeva is the complete opposite of a monster.  Unless we’re talking like Kanye / Nicki Minaj monster, she’s probably a little bit of that.

I so appreciate Malori’s bubbly spirit.  When you visit her company’s website, she has a list of reasons why you should hire her for your floral needs. Reasons like “we believe in hip hop” and “we believe flowers make people happy and we love that” can be found.

The prettiest blooms.

Malori and I first crossed paths when I took her floral arrangement class at Frances Vintage a few years ago.  If you knew me in my pregger days, you would recognize some of her work: the floral crown from my maternity photos at the botanical garden.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

Me & bb girl 12 days before she was born. Photo by Tanya Ruanova.
Flower crown by Hoot & Holler. Photo by Tanya Ruanova.
Photo by Tanya Ruanova.

Awww almost makes me want another one…. maybe in more neutral colors?Totally kidding… we’re currently in the talking stages with Clara.  Her answer varies when we bring up a little brother or sister.

Recently, Malori invited me to the Hoot & Holler Studio in Phoenix to get a look at a day in the life of a modern day florist.  Her studio’s lighting was a dream.

The best smelling rose!

Malori’s company Hoot & Holler offers a la carte floral services in Phoenix + Chicago.  Last year she launched a sister company, Noir Floral, which specializes in total floral design for your special day. Instead of ordering al la carte, she will help you with your overall vision, designing all aspects of your floral and design needs.

Allow me to introduce you to the “Hot Chocolate Rose”

I loved learning more about Malori and how her company came to be.  I find it so inspiring when someone my age is successful in taking “the leap” into entrepreneurship.  Read my interview with her below.

Interview with Malori Maeva of Hoot & Holler / Noir Floral & Styling

First things, first….what’s your sign?

Libra! (love this question!)

How long has Phoenix been “home” for you?

I was born & raised in Phoenix, but I went to school in Chicago, and after I graduated I moved back home (I wasn’t super happy about it). However, I’ve been here for 5 years now and I have found a love for this city that totally fuels my creativity.  Our community is SO incredible and I’m completely honored and humbled to be in a place where I can help construct the culture as we grow.

Wow, that’s amazing. Explain to our readers exactly how you’re contributing to this incredible community.

I own and operate two floral design businesses that serve two different (and amazing) groups of clients.

Hoot & Holler is an a la carte company that offers beautiful, modern floral designs for weddings and events. All of our pricing is listed on our website to make for easy, streamlined ordering and we’re a perfect fit for elopements or smaller ceremonies, halfway DIY events, or people who want gorgeous designs but don’t necessarily need a completely customized design.

Noir Floral & Styling is our bespoke design company. Here we work with couples from the ground up to style every visual aspect of their wedding or event. We also have an in-house welding company that can create custom structures for one of a kind floral installations (think Kim & Kanye flower wall style) so the sky really is the limit in terms of designs here.

I love the name “Hoot & Holler.” How did that come about?

I actually intended for Hoot & Holler to be a social media marketing company. My degree is in marketing and when I got out of school I took on freelance consulting projects here and there for local businesses. I feel like social media is kind of a party which is where the name stemmed from. When I started in floral design, I already had all of my paperwork filed for H&H so I just sort of ran with it.  

Can you share the story of Hoot & Holler with us and how you got started?

It was TOTALLY on accident.

I was in a day job that I really hated and was desperate to find a way to step away from a computer screen and do something with my hands. I found out that the company I was with (a restaurant management group) created the floral designs for the restaurants in house. I started to shadow the individual that did the floral and I absolutely fell in love. A little less than a year later, I left my day job and jumped into Hoot & Holler full time.

As a Phoenix local, where are your favorite places to shop?

I can’t get enough of Vida Moulin. I never leave that beautiful shop empty handed and the stock changes so often that I feel like I have to check in all the time to make sure I don’t miss out on anything!

I also really love shopping the Uptown Farmer’s Market. It’s definitely my Saturday morning ritual to pick up a bunch of veggies, get a breakfast sandwich and piece of focaccia from Persepshun, a mixer from Iconic Cocktail Co., and a little cold brew to keep me going through any weddings or events we have the rest of the day. 

I can tell that supporting local is important to you, can you share some of your favorite local businesses with us?

Yes! Ever since I started my business, I’ve really put effort into supporting other small/locally owned businesses. I don’t know if I could pick a favorite local item because there are so many amazing choices! I’ll give you a few of my favorites.

  • Standard Wax: One of the first local companies I felt really religious about. I have their candles in every room of my home (and office) and I never tire of their subtle, unique scents.
  • Teaspressa: I’ve always been a big tea drinker but I really love a good latte. I start most mornings with some homemade teaspressa (pro tip: the sugar cubes are pretty but are also totally the secret to making the tea perfectly. I love the charles grey tea with the london fog cubes and some almond milk).
  • Tremaine Ranch: I bought this gorgeous triangle shelf from them and I get compliments on it all the time. It holds my treasures at home and for such a simple piece, it really adds so much.
  • Iconic Cocktail Co:  If you like to drink, you’re going to need to buy yourself a mixer immediately.  My favorite is the spring seasonal (grapefruit fleur de sel) but you can’t go wrong with the Ginga or Spiced Honey (or any flavor, honestly. I have them all).
  • Whipstone Farm (Prescott): Shanti and her husband run the most beautiful farm up in Paulden, AZ. All of their veggies are insanely delicious and they make this hot sauce that I would honestly drive up to Paulden to buy. Shanti also grows flowers which I’m able to use in our design work and I get completely emotionally overwhelmed when I think of how amazing it is to support a local, woman owned business AND get these perfect, long-lasting, high quality flowers for my clients at the same time.
  • Verano Bathery: THESE SOAPS! They’re so insanely good. I’ve never been a bar soap person but I got a free sample from Verano and ran out of my regular soap so I used it and I’ve never looked back. Get yourself the Lumberjack or if you’re near Phoenix General, the custom scent they have is absolute perfection.

I totally agree on the Verano Bathery!  My husband uses the beard oil religiously and we just bought him “The General” from Phoenix General….so so good.

Your insta-game is strong girl, are there any accounts whose content inspires you daily?

I’m endlessly inspired by other creatives and entrepreneurs. If you want to jump on some really great instagram follows, I highly recommend the following:

Being a business owner requires a lot of self discipline and inspiration.  Are there any people that help motivate you as a small business owner?

For great business/life inspiration, check out Mario Forleo, Jon Acuff, Simon Sinek, and Brene Brown. 

Say someone reading this right now is on the fence about taking the entrepreneurial leap, what words of wisdom would you leave them with?

Start small. I think a really common struggle with a new business is trying to do it all and be everything to everyone. Find what makes you special, recognize you won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, and really embrace your niche. 

Are there any fun projects from your company that we can look forward to?

This summer we are rolling out a business floral program so your favorite restaurants and shops can have Hoot & Holler designs in house – refreshed on a weekly basis. If you (or someone you know) has been looking for unique fresh flowers in their business, have them shoot us an email ( and we’ll notify them when the program officially launches!

Since we first met at one of your workshops, I was curious if you’re still doing them, or if you’re available for private events / lessons?

We sure do! For private lessons, we build a day around exactly the topics you want to learn about and provide all of the materials and the space for you. You can get more information on this at

Thanks Malori!

Check out this amazing Frida Kahlo inspired shoot that Malori was apart of….ALL the heart eyes! Green Wedding Shoes Feature July 6th, 2017 

A shot from the Noir Floral styled shoot. Photo from Green Wedding Shoes.

You can see more photos from this shoot here.

You can follow Malori on Instagram: @hootandholler and @noirfloral. 

Thanks for stopping by! As always….sending sunshine 🙂


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