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Local Happenings Nov 17th – 19th

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Pussycat Gelato: An Eclectic and Adventerous Experience

I’m excited to announce….

…that today I am kicking off “Feature Friday”, where I’ll spotlight a local business or creative.

This blog stemmed from the passion I have for connecting with the local community and sharing experiences with all of you. Go figure, I launch the blog and then write about travel for a majority of it. So like me to do things backwards.

Today I’m featuring Pussycat Gelato, a vivacious gelato shop in Old Town Scottsdale serving small batch locally made artisan gelato.  PC Gelato just opened their first Phoenix location about 3 months ago.

We live in Old Town, so I’m always surprised when I notice a business and I think to myself, “Has that always been there, and I’m just not very observant?” Luckily, my level of observance was not in question here because in this case, this business is new to Scottsdale.

Cozy up in the PC Gelato Lounge.

I’d like to start off with a pop quiz, can anyone tell me why we call Italian ice cream “gelato”?

This is going to blow your mind…. the Italian word for ice cream is…. you guessed it!  G E L A T O.

Really deep stuff here, guys.  Alright, I’ll proceed.

“I’ll take one of each, please”

When Tom, Clara, and I waltzed in to Pussycat Gelato a few weeks ago, I instantly knew I was going to feature them on my blog, it was quite the experience! Plus, I’m all for the support of new business owners.

PC Gelato is housed in a quaint little space tucked away on 5th Ave in Old Town that boasts fun colors, 70’s themed western posters, classic white and black checkered flooring, chic lighting, and a cozy sitting area with Josie & The Pussy Cat Dolls (J&PCD) projecting onto a screen.

Frederic and Rhonda at their Bisbee store ribbon cutting, provided by PC Gelato.

The owners, Frederic Watson and Rhonda McFarland are lovely people. Rhonda’s smile was so warm and welcoming, and Frederic’s cool demeanor and French accent intrigued us.

Rhonda immediately opened the gelato case, with taster spoon in hand, and asked us what we would like to try.  She kept shoveling out the samples….I’m pretty sure we tried most of them between the 3 of us.  She offered us a 1 scoop split into 2 flavors which didn’t make the decision any easier, everything was SO GOOD.

They serve their gelato with a cute little biscotti on it.  Biscotti is Italian for cookie.  Boom! You just learned 2 Italian words in 30 seconds.

Scoop of gelato topped with a yummy biscotti.

Frederic and Rhonda scored bonus points with us when they offered us a “local’s discount” after learning we were their neighbor.  Love that!

Clara wound up with a half peanut butter and half banana scoop, because that’s just what made sense.  She made herself right at home on one of the colorful arm chairs, digging into her gelato, watching J&PCD on the big screen.

Not to our surprise, she didn’t want to leave, and didn’t budge when we tried our usual “alright, well we’ll just have to leave you here,” as we inch towards the door move. We inquired, they weren’t hiring… Clara would have made a great mascot.

I popped in a few days later and Frederic greeted me with an equally warm smile.  He made me an affogato, an espresso poured over gelato, and we started chatting about gelato, and the emergence of his business.

Afternoon delight- espresso poured over Butter Pecan Gelato.

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