The winds of change are a blowin’.

It’s not lost on me, I’ve been MIA for almost a month now on the blog.

When I first started this blog, I came out of the gates with a million ideas and a schedule I wanted to adhere to. Immediately I realized this started to put pressure on myself when I really couldn’t wrap my arms around what the purpose of my blog was to begin with. I just knew it was something I wanted to pursue.

For one, I wanted to enjoy the process.  For a mom who works full time and likes to have some down time, I found myself becoming stressed over deadlines I set for myself.

I also began having a difficult time staying grounded in my job in IT because there was always something that I found to be more exciting I would rather be working on, and I started becoming disengaged with the IT world.  It’s nothing anyone did, or really anything I did on purpose.  I was just starting to hone in more on what interested me, and it was hard to tie that back into my role in I.T.

So I decided I was going to allow myself some grace & have a real come to Jesus talk with myself (again). I started focusing on what I CAN do, not what I CAN’T do.  I broke this down more in my last post: Being someONE vs. someTHING.

The past month has involved me stepping back, telling myself it’s OK to take a breather, and to re-assess the role my blog will play in my life.

Little did I know how much this blog would change the trajectory of my future.

If you have been following along, you’d know I’ve discussed the perils of searching for a new job that aligns more with my talents and strengths. I say perils because every time I applied for a job and then was passed up, I found myself on an emotional roller coaster, even if I knew the job wasn’t a good fit for me. I was not having a good time dealing with rejection.

I even withdrew my candidacy from a job that I was so excited about, because I realized it had a demanding schedule and would have impacted my precious work / life balance. Read about it here: True Life: I just Turned Down a Dream Job.

Now I am more glad than ever that I waited it out, and listened to my gut…because….drum roll please!

I just accepted a new job with my company’s corporate communications team!

I could not be more elated! This is the PERFECT opportunity for me.

The corporate communications team does so many fun and creative things, something I have been craving. They do a wide range of things from putting out a weekly magazine publication for employees, to handling our company’s social media accounts & blog, producing high quality quarterly videos, they handle our company’s intranet, email marketing campaigns and so much more.

Basically, all of the things I have been at work dreaming about doing and learning about on my free time…  I get to do more of those things AND get paid for it….whatttttttt???

I get to join a team already being an expert within my role and I get to add immediate value, something I have never experienced before. I get to learn about the inner workings of a well oiled communications machine from a corporate perspective and apply those skills in my creative ventures, and vice versa.  I get to bring my creativity to the table and collaborate with people at my company in new ways.


So not only am I writing this to announce my new adventure, but I’m also writing to encourage anyone who has been dreaming of changing their life’s trajectory but not sure how to get there.


Get out there and get some.  Create your own opportunities.  If I hadn’t taken the leap and started a blog and taught myself new skills, I probably would have been passed up for this job.

You guys, I am just so dang proud of myself. Proud for listening to my gut in the past and proud that I went from being unqualified to join a dream team to landing a job on that dream team. All on my own (plus with the support of my husband + mentor +family).

Changes can be scary.  However, I’m welcoming this change with open arms. New beginnings energize me, I love the feeling of possibility. I am looking forward to this new adventure. I can not wait to see what the future has in store!

Do I have any readers who are in the corporate communications world?  Or have you experienced a drastic change in the work you do because of hard work & perseverance? I would love to connect with you about that.

Sending sunshine,


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  1. Right on Audria. Big congrats to you! They are lucky to have you join that department. I’m guessing you’re going to love it and rock it. So excited for you. Reach out anytime if you’d like some tips and tricks as I’m also on the corporate communications team at my job, and have been in public relations for 20+ years.

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