Have you “Heard”…(get it???)

…about the Frida Exhibit going on at The Heard Museum? You can check it out until August 20th.  Phoenix will be the only North American stop for the exhibit.  How lucky are we?

The grounds to the Heard Museum are gorgeous.  Even if you don’t want to go into the museum, you can just go hang out on the property.  We snapped these pics out in the courtyard.

If you’re friends with me on social media, you probably saw the few pictures I shared with us posing in front of a paper flower wall. That wall is located outside of the museum entrance, you actually don’t need to go in and see the exhibit to get to it.  I absolutely loved this wall!

It was technically a “Selfie Station”.  We didn’t follow the rules though.

I must admit that prior to going to the exhibit, I didn’t know a whole lot about Frida other than that she was a painter, usually flowers are used in her depictions, and that she was an overall bad ass.

Frida’s “Self Portrait with Monkeys” at the Heard Museum

The Heard Museum offered free admission for our company’s employees last weekend so we decided to take advantage of that.  I was excited to learn more about Frida and to see some of her work.

Frida quote outside of the exhibit with some kid’s artwork.

Excited until…. well, have you ever been to a museum with a 2 year old?  Ha, better yet I could ask, “have you been anywhere with a 2 year old?” Instead of explaining the obvious, let me enlighten you in the form of photos.


Needless to say, we lasted a whole 20 minutes in the actual exhibit.  I’ll admit I was slightly hangry too, so that didn’t help.

Frida specialized in self portrait paintings.  She celebrated her imperfections and was raw and honest in her art. The exhibit displays some of Frida’s popular works like “Diego on my Mind” and “Self Portrait with Monkeys.”  There was some photos of Frida and her lover Diego Rivera, as well as clothes and jewelry inspired by the Mexican regions that Frida chose to wear.  Some of Diego’s artwork is on display as well.

Clara cheesin in front of Diego’s “Sunflower” painting.

Some key things I learned about Frida that I found to be really interesting was her turbulent relationship with fellow Mexican painter, Diego Rivera.  At the age of 18 she was impaled through her pelvis with a rod in a wooden bus accident in which several people died.  She spent her last years involved in political movements.  Her painting “The Frame” was purchased by the Louvre in 1939 making her the first 20th-century Mexican artist to be featured in an internationally renowned museum.

“The Frame” picture courtesy of fridakahlo.org

She died really young, only at the age of 47. She spent a lot of her life in pain.  In physical and emotional pain which she channeled into her art.

I was feeling inspired by the exhibit…all 20 minutes of it.  So I decided that I would have a Frida inspired desk at work.  My coworkers are like “gee, what is she doing this time?”

Frida inspired desk in the works.

I have to explain it to most people, but for the few that have been to the exhibit or know about Frida, it has been a great conversation starter.  I have coworkers showing me pictures of their kids in front of the flower wall, or someone who visited her home in Mexico was telling me all about how amazing it was.  So cool!  The risk of putting myself out there with self expression at work in a corporate environment has been so much more fulfilling than I could have imagined.  I think Frida would be proud.

You can learn more about Frida by a good ol’ Google search or by going to www.fridakahlo.org.  Museum and ticket information is available on the Heard Museum’s website.

Sending you sunshine,

Aud <3

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  1. Great article! Wish we were there to see the Frida exhibit, such a wonderful opportunity to learn about an amazing woman in history! My favorite part of this post are the Clara candids 😆!!

  2. Great post Audria. Amazing pics too. Have you seen the movie Frida? One of my personal favs. I’m enjoying your posts, keep them coming. Darleen, if you decide to go once you get here, let me know.

  3. Selma Hyak starred in a movie called Frida and it was amazing. I highly reccomend it, if you want to learn more about her life and her relationship with Diego. I’m definitely going to check out this exhibit, thanks for sharing!

  4. Shout out to those nice patrons who gave us their admission stickers because we got there 2 minutes too late to get our own 🙂 felt like dorky rebels sneaking into the Heard (even if we did donate)

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