Happy FriYAY loves!

This weekend we are starting the foundation of our kitchen facelift… yayyyyy.

I can’t wait to share before and afters of our space!  When we purchased our midcentury home a year and a half ago, it was a blank slate to do what we wished. The previous occupants had taken really great care of it, considering it was a rental.

However, I instantly started planning on what we could do to make this dwelling our own.  If you’re anything like me, you’d wish you can snap your fingers and your house is magazine ready. Although I’m still feeling fairly impatient, I’ve learned that taking your time is important.  Visions evolve over time, and once you really “feel” your home out, you could end up flip flopping on what you want to do.

We’ve done a few semi-major things to it so far, including new floors, a few wall modifications, and removing alllll the top cabinets.  I’m not kidding there were a million of them.

Our kitchen when the home was purchased.
Messy kitchen & terrible quality pic, but you get the gist.

This weekend we are having some basic work done like adding a few electrical outlets.  We’re also going to go draw inspiration from a few places locally from The Tile Shop in Phoenix and The Cement Tile Shop in Old Town Scottsdale.  

We’re feeling a little overwhelmed with actually deciding on what to do.  Now that we’ve removed part of the wall in the kitchen, it’s truly a focal point of our home. You see it right when you walk in the door, so we know it has the potential to make a huge impact on the feel of our abode.  Which is exciting, but also nerve wrecking!

Like any other millennial, I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas.  The possibilities are endless, so we’re having a bit of a hard time really narrowing down what we want.

We are so excited to have this done, but also understand patience is a virtue. So here is my public rambling of my thought process behind making decisions for this project.  Enjoy!


-We’re not made of money, so there’s that.

-Our floor is shiny epoxy so it is kind of a statement piece all on its own, so I’m afraid of it being too busy if we choose patterned tile.

-We absolutely loathe our counter tops, but not sure if its fiscally responsible to replace them.  (we would LOVE butcher block tops)

-One thing we’re 100% sure about is that we will be installing open shelving.

-Not sure how far to bring the back splash up.

-Need to install a hood range (yayyyy).

-Possibly add additional ambient lighting?

-What color do we paint bottom cabinets?

Looks we love….Kitchen Pin-spiration:

Stay tuned for more!

I am excited to take you along on this renovation journey with us!  Our kitchen will be the icing on the cake of our home’s face lift.

Also, send any advice my way…I’m all ears!  We’re not sure if we’re installing back splash ourselves yet so I’ll take all the tips I can get!

Sending sunshine!


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