Yesterday marked 4 years that my husband and I have been together.  We just celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary while we were away on vacation in New York.  You could say that we have moved mountains in our short time together.

Weddings, babies, houses, ups, downs, new jobs, new adventures, traveling the world.  All that jazz.

We just returned from NY last week. We celebrated the wedding of some friends in upstate, and then celebrated our wedding anniversary in the city while we were there (funny enough with a different newlywed couple).

Love is in the air…..

The wedding that we attended in upstate New York got me realllly got me thinking about our own wedding.  The officiant talked about the night that the couple met at a Halloween Party at a bar downtown.  Tom was beaming at me from his spot as a groomsmen, because that was the same night that tom’s story and I begins.  We had originally met at Little Woody but didn’t see each other for a month or so, until the Halloween Party.

So, you could say weddings are on my mind…. I wanted to share more about our special day on the blog, because hello, it’s the best day ever!

Months ago I had devised a plan to pre-write out some posts to publish during the week of our wedding.  Well, that didn’t happen the way I had planned due to a job change, traveling, other’s weddings, etc.  Better late than never though right!

I’m still going to share some more about our wedding day but this post is just to share never before seen photos mostly.

If you don’t know the story of our wedding day, I’ll give you a little context.

Only the deepest of belly laughs on our wedding day.

2 years ago, Tom and I threw the best party of our lives.  We couldn’t have done it without the love and support (and money, ha!) of our families.

At that time, we were new parents to the sweetest little 8 month old baby girl.  As you can imagine, planning a wedding with a newborn had it’s challenges, but I tried to keep my cool despite being personally responsible for one of the biggest days of our lives! No pressure or anything.

Hanging with our little lady before show time! I can’t get over how little she was!

Tom’s parents hosted our rehearsal dinner the night before at Kitchen 56, which was beautiful.  I do believe that the construction of K56 has done away with the patio as it once was, so I hope they have another alternative! It’s a beautiful view of Camelback Mountain. We’re not upset that they attached a Lou Malnati’s delivery window attached to it though.

Family Photo from Rehearsal Dinner <3

I had decided that I was going to plan our own wedding, I mean how hard can it be?  Basically, there’s a formula you follow, you pick some colors, you get a dress, you invite some people, you feed them, say I do, and party all night. For the most part, that’s basically how it went.

Mo, my MOH, helping me build our floral photo backdrop for our desert garden wedding.
We created the top portion with flowers attached to chicken wire and moss separately for transportation purposes.

It went off without a hitch with the help of amazing friends and family.  It was a beautiful (albeit slightly hot) sunset wedding, graced with the most beautiful desert sky as the sun went down.  It was picturesque and perfect.

An oversaturated edit of Tom’s cousin and wife to show the vibrant colors of the sunset.

You know how the story goes, but for sake of preserving these memories even more, I thought I would share some never before seen photos from our special day!

The groomsmen freshly ready for the day.
So thankful to have had this lady do my hair for the wedding, we’ve known her and her family since I was in elementary school.
The ladies before we left our wedding day suite to head to the venue.
Makeup in the natural light at our venue, Desert Botanical Garden, with MUA Krystal Thomas.
Meanwhile…Tom was modeling his good looks for the photographer and camera guys.

Behind the scenes.

Waiting to be worn.
Almost go time.
Almost ready to see my groom!
Here goes nothin!
The specialist ladies in my life doing the honors.

“You guys, this is really happening!”

My mom made sure that both my grandmas were there to see me walk down the aisle. Cue the waterworks!
The prettiest blooms!
My stunning friends.

One of my favorite parts of our wedding….the balloons!
The men.
Their album drops Christmas Day.
So thankful we have the video of these moments to hear all the hilarious comments the boys were making the whole time.
Reading the sweet words my soon to be husband wrote to me on our wedding day.
“Meet me by the blue door”
“Trust me, I know what I’m doing.”
I was laughing like a maniac, tom was about to spontaneously combust. This is it!
“Get over here big guy”

Hi Dad.
My first love, handing me off to my newest love.

Hugs from my brothers.
Close up of my blooms.
Come here brotha!

Quick snaps before the ceremony begins.
Not pictured: the bee attack.

Here goes nothin!
Tom walking his littlest lady and parents down the aisle.


“Love you, Dad.”
Mom & Dad walking me down the aisle.

Getting closer! Please note the backdrop in the background, I didn’t get any good pictures of it….haha.

The sun was starting to work it’s magic at this point.

You may now kiss the bride.
And almost rip her dress.
Mr & Mrs Newbold!
Behind the scenes.

Canoodling in the sunset.
Raisin the roof with our newly joined family!

The rest of the night was full of love, laughter, and prickly pear margaritas and tacos.

That’s all folks!

Stay tuned for more wedding related posts!  I am going to share some of my favorite moments, bloopers, and lessons learned.

Thanks for reading!

As always…sending sunshine,


Photography done by: Brooke Bates Photography
Venue: Desert Botanical Garden
Dress: Lillian Lottie Couture
Entertainment by: SKM Entertainment
Videographer: Something New Media

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