POP PHX is a collaborative retail concept welcoming local brands, and is set to open its doors along Roosevelt Row’s Art District in early January.

Located on the south side of Roosevelt Street between 5th and 6th Street, The Blocks of Roosevelt Row will be home to some existing businesses and some newbies. Like the highly anticipated Tacos Chelo, and Trapp Haus BBQ, and cooperative merchandising space, POP PHX.

The Concept:

POP owner Ashley’s vision for her new adventure is to welcome an assortment of local brands and sellers to the Roosevelt Row storefront in what she is calling a collaborative retail pop up shop.  Offering several display options for vendors, they can choose to set up shop for the weekend, or rent the window space for a month to showcase their products.

“My goal is to help local businesses start from the ground up and eventually grow into their own retail space,” Ashley explained to me over a grilled cheese & tomato soup from her new neighbor in business, Carly’s Bistro.

With a background in Commercial real estate, business growth, and retail development, Ashley is able to offer vendors so much more than just a space to sell their goods. She wants to help her community grow and thrive.

Who is this opportunity for?

This is a great opportunity for existing or emerging businesses who want to tap into the Downtown Phoenix market, or for a local maker who doesn’t have their own storefront.

“One of the main benefits for vendors to sell at POP PHX is that we provide the retail space and a station so that they don’t have to bring the large materials like tables, tents or umbrellas. Each mobile station will have different personalities so that merchants can choose which one match their brand the best. Plus, we have cooling and heating so they won’t have to brave the outside elements during the hotter and cooler months.”

All in the details:

Keeping the needs of apparel vendors in mind, POP will also have fitting rooms for shoppers to try on clothes. The vaulted ceiling with exposed beams offers opportunity to display hanging items and décor.

POP PHX’s space will be ever evolving. Ashley’s goal is to always maintain the space with dynamic and interesting seasonal art so that the shopper’s experience may be a little different each time.

She hopes to bring in a variety of vendors; T-Shirts, Apparel, Accessories, Specialty Food, and even goods for our littlest sidekicks. As a mom herself, she’ll encourage her daughter to start thinking like a little entrepreneur turning her artwork into apparel or stickers to sell.

Vendors who host here can also look forward to POP PHX not dipping into their profits or taking a percentage of their sales. It’s a flat rate to rent at POP.

To learn more:

If you are looking for a retail space to sell your goods, you’ve found it! POP PHX will be right in the thick of First Friday’s which attracts the masses (up to 10,000 people) to down town’s arts district the 1st Friday of every month.

If you are interested in keeping up with POP PHX, follow them on Instagram at @_popphx to see which vendors they’ll be hosting next.

If you’re interested in renting this space, head to POP PHX’s website www.popphx.com/about-us.  Or send an email to ashley@popphx.com. Now is the time to get on this great opportunity!

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