Mmmmm sweet Saturday mornings at home.

I’m still in our cozy, warm bed, bundled up in a sweater relaxing, as grey wispy smoke dances off of the end of an incense stick, swirling and twirling into the light of our open bedroom windows. Tunes softly playing, courtesy of Spotify’s “Calm Vibes” playlist.

It’s kind of chilly here in Phoenix, which makes you almost forget the never ending summer we’re finally getting over.

That was pretty rough.

I pulled out my laptop to get some writing done, and against all odds of being remotely productive, popped onto Facebook and of course I had some memories pinned to the top of my feed. This one made me smile- and also think about how freaking fast time is flying. It also made me realize I’ve been misinforming others and myself, and I thought of how impactful this memory has been.

Some of you may remember this one….

Tom and I mid-jump in front of our new home. I’ll go ahead and publicly thank my husband for trusting me on this one, I know its torturous being an Instagram husband.

Like I said, there was multiple layers to seeing this memory. At first I smiled, “Hi Neighborhood, Tom and Audria here, just taking selfie timed photos of us jumping in our new front yard.”

Then, I realize holy cow this was 2 years ago. Literally up until like 3 days ago I told someone we moved in a year ago. Not true at all. Our offer was accepted this day 2 years ago, and we moved in January of 2016, and my god, it’s almost 2018… there’s a reality check.

Side note- how is it 2018???! I can’t even fathom saying that and will definitely struggle with that concept for a while.

Shortly after, I kind of sat back and looked around, and naturally, this post was born, ha.

Really though, I appreciate this house for so much more for obvious reasons like providing a shelter for our family. Or it being really cute, because if you’ve been to our house, you know and we know it’s really freaking cute.

I’d like to think it’s all by design…. But, it’s hard to truly appreciate it when you’re the one decorating and furnishing it. We get really great feedback about our quaint abode. I think it just looks so different inside than the outside leads you to believe it looks like.

It’s also amazing to watch something come to life when you’re living through all of the improvements and work. When we finally get something finished we’re like “Aahhhhhhhh, that looks awesome and we can check that off the list, but, what’s next?”

I would like to say it has taught me negotiating skills with my husband, however, I’ll throw some more kudos out there for Tom giving me “Cart Blanche” with our home, and trusting my vision from the beginning. That’s a really big help, and I realize I’m lucky for that.

My gratitude for this home and starting a new chapter with our family here goes far beyond its walls. I really believe that this home has fostered tremendous personal growth in ways that I would have never ever expected.

When we bought this house 2 years ago, it was a blank slate. It was a rental home that was maintained really well, the bones are solid. It was built in 1955, truly mid-century.

Really obscure things like the piping in the wall were recently redone in a lot of the house and it had been expanded to add a few hundred square feet. It’s still just under 1500 square feet, however it’s perfect for us.

There was the fairly inconvenient aspect of our washer and dryer being in our already tiny dining room, along with a water heater closet with an ancient heater in it that the home inspector didn’t approve of. So we had to do something about it anyway.

One of the first decisions we made was to do something about that. Actually, that was the second.

Our first was our silver epoxy floors, or liquid marble you may have heard them called. We made that decision before we ever even knew this house existed. We had seen a home that had it during our house hunt and loved the floors, just not the location of the home, so we told ourselves we could install them on our new home when we find the one.

So we did, and we had the washer and dryer situation fixed and got rid of the water heater closet, getting a “tankless” heater installed in the garage. Now we have a little nook in our dining room which we originally had big plans for… a pantry, a wet bar, open shelving, a sitting nook. We ultimately popped a Hue lightstrip in there and now it has our bar cart sitting in it, which we’ve been loving.

This entire process has given us a creative outlet. It has sparked some personal passions with interior decorating and PLANTS. For the love of God, did it spark a love with plants. Of course as I’m sitting here writing, a dear friend sends me a picture of a fiddle leaf fig on the Today Show, which totally gives me a lady boner.

Then I discovered my favorite designer Justina Blakeney, and The Jungalow, which has been oddly life changing. Her designs are so fun and care free and her bohemian style has inspired our eclectic look at home. Our bathrooms are donned with her luxury wall paper, installed by my not so luxurious amateur skills.

It got me in touch with the creator in me, fueling my desire to be more creative and to do more of what I love.

It got me out in the community more, looking at local businesses and unique furnishings and art, exploring more of what Phoenix has to offer. Ultimately it connected me to people, and sparked the urge to create and be unique and passionate.

Also, I feel like this goes without saying, but we’ve had our share of trials and tribulations here too. Everyone does. But coming out on the other side of that stronger and more appreciative makes it all worth it.

It makes me feel good to raise our daughter in a home full of color, and creativity, and love. When you pour love into your home, people feel it when they walk in. They want to know all about it. They tell you that they want their home to be cute and cozy like yours, when I believe it’s the energy of our home that people love.

Our home is a reflection of our family, and an extension of our love.

Can you say that about your home?

Our home is still a work in progress, but we are SO SO close to being done. We basically have to finish our kitchen and then we’ll be able to showcase our home in all of it’s re-finished glory.

Definitely learning patience throughout all of this too!

Here’s to filling our homes with joy, love, and cute wallpaper.

Sending Sunshine,


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