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As I sat on our hot pink woven serape from Keep it Wild Co (great local company whose proceeds go towards beautification projects) I reflected on the fact that I had been there 3 weekends in a row. Discussing life and my ideas for a blog with a fellow blogger and new friend of mine yesterday, it only seemed fitting that I jump right into the exploration piece of my blog with SINGHing (ah ha couldn’t help it) the praises of Singh Meadows in north Tempe.

Singh Meadows is the successor and child project of Singh Farms in Scottsdale. My soul died a little when I heard that Singh Farms was shutting down to the public, especially because it was over parking issues. If you ever had the pleasure of enjoying Singh Farms, you’ll know it’s a quaint but very impressive property tucked away just east of the 101 north entrance on Thomas Road. You could get farm fresh food cooked for you by a chef over an open fire, after perusing the gorgeous, lush property and the cute little hut they housed most of the farmers market items in. There was usually live music, and wonderful artisan products to purchase, or a local flower grower making bouquets on the spot. You could walk the property and say hello to all of the farm animals and find little wooden tables and benches tucked away in the greenery to soak up the magic of Singh Farms.

I remember exploring Singh Farms for the first time more than 7 years ago and was blown away that this place existed just outside of the hustle and bustle of Scottsdale. Singh Farms was there when my girlfriends and I wanted to goof off and spend a sunny morning together, it was there when some of our hearts were broken and we just wanted to get some coffee and fresh air, or when my new roommate and I wanted to take our pups on an adventure and get to know each other better, and it was there when my husband and I wanted to take our brand new little baby bean daughter for an outing. Annnnnd now I’m emotional.

Our daughter when she was 1 month old at SIngh Farms

So you can see, and it took me writing this post to really see, how special of a place Singh Farms has been for me. Although I’m sad that the Farm is no longer open to the public, I’m thrilled that Singh had begun the process of converting part of the old Rio Salado Golf Course into its future store front farmers market and property almost 3 years ago. In an article from bizjournal, Ken Singh talks about the process to prepare the property. “The process to remediate the soil and create the soil food web needed to grow nutrient dense heirloom vegetables took two and a half years. Chemicals were flushed and organics were added,” he said. “The lake on the land is also well water, which is the purest water available in the Valley.”

How amazing is that? Fast forward to opening day in January 2017 and my husband and I decide we want to get some compost from Singh after we checked out their new store front. Fun fact, it had rained….A LOT the day before and Singh has a dirt parking lot. Well, another fun fact, we were in my car instead of my husband’s truck and I decided to try to make it through some mud and wound up sinking my car probably a foot into the ground. It took 5 guys to get my mini cooper out. One of them was the friendly man selling the compost, so when we pulled up, he had already ran back to the compost and pulled out his pen and paper to take our compost order with a smile. We’ll briefly mention that the compost bags were twice as heavy due to being rained on, about 100 pounds!

So, we’ve had some real special times, Singh and I. Now we love enjoying the beautiful new property as a family. On any given weekend you’ll find families lounging on Mexican serapes, Indian textiles, and colorful blankets all over the property. You’ll see kite’s flying and frisbees being thrown, and kids running around the 72 acre grounds complete with lakes and golf sand traps turned kids sand boxes. They have baby goats and chicks for the kiddos to pet and comfy couches and pillows to relax on. It’s like a dream.

Also, like a dream all of the ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS looking food that is made fresh daily that my husband and I can’t enjoy because they’re not diet friendly for now. They do offer grab and go foods like veggies and salads, coffees, fresh pressed juices, and teas. But you bet your sweet buns, literally, I’m coming for you pastries, cinnamon rolls, cakes, breads, and quiches. They serve the cutest little kids plates, and by God, I think I experienced the BEST GRILLED CHEESE I have ever had in my life there. My husband takes offense to that because he has made me many a grilled cheese, and they have all been good….but, just take my word for it.

All of that to say, going to Singh Meadows is a must! It’s a family friendly environment and they offer yoga there as well. You can follow them on Instagram (@singhmeadows) to keep up with what the chef is whipping up for the day and like them on Facebook . Let me know if you’ve had the chance to visit Singh Meadows or if this post inspires you to check it out. I would love to hear about your experiences there!

Sending you sunshine,


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