Strong. Beautiful. Vibrant. Lovely. Fabulous.

Strong Beautiful Woman shirt created by Stephanie Nault.

All words that come to mind when I think of some of the inspiring ladies in my life. All things that I strive to be. All the things I would use to describe even the tiniest of little ladies in my life.  Our daughter amazes us everyday with how intelligent and brilliant she is.  My heart hurts because I know we all started out the same way.

Alesha Bush for the Strong Beautiful Woman campaign.

I just finished editing some photos that I took for the Nault Sisters, Stephanie & Madalyn, who spearhead 2 awesome brands local to Phoenix. For this session, Stephanie & Madalyn rock some of the Strong Beautiful Woman apparel with the help of model Alesha Bush.

Hellloooooooo Sunshine!

Stephanie, a make up artist and the brains behind the “Strong Beautiful Woman” campaign was voted Phoenix New Time’s best female gear in 2016. Her sister, Madalyn, has been crafting gorgeous and quality leather clutches that feature unique designs and even hand painted blooms by the likes of local artist Rachel Eskandari of Pink Puddle Studio. 

You can also see a watercolor workshop I did with Pink Puddle Studio here. 

Women who lift others up is a beautiful thing.”Strong Beautiful Woman” apparel is a line that boasts positive affirmations to defy the negative dialogue that so many women internally battle these days.

Feelings of self doubt and uncertainty have no room for existence when you’re rocking this shirt.  I even had my car break down while wearing mine, and although there were tears as I dealt with that fiasco, I would smile every time I looked down and saw my shirt.  It was a perfect reminder.

“Embrace & Empower” worn by model Alesha Bush.

What I take pleasure in the most about awakening to my photography skills is the opportunities for connection and the growth it is bringing along with it. I am proud to collaborate with lovely women who stand for something good in this crazy world of ours.

Madalyn Nault in her Strong Beautiful Woman shirt.

The Nault Sisters came into my life unexpectedly. I met Stephanie about a year and a half ago through a heart and soul workshop led by our sweet friend Marian. Stephanie featured me on her blog for a segment she was running called T-Shirt Tuesday, where she would come and do a complimentary makeup session and take a picture of the person being featured in their favorite shirt. They would explain what the significance of the shirt was for the feature.

Founder of the Strong Beautiful Woman tshirt campaign.

Stephanie on how this idea came about:

“I started doing makeup on women wearing their favorite t-shirts who would share about themselves. Hearing and sharing the stories of these women lead me to create this shirt which helps remind all of us that we are uniquely US. We are individuals but all possess qualities that make us a Strong Beautiful Woman.

I continue to share stories of these women because it is so important to empower one another!”

Alesha knows she’s strong & beautiful. She made this shoot a breeze!

It wasn’t until this photoshoot that I got to know her sweet sister Madalyn. This lady is an eclectic old soul, gentle, with an adventurous spirit.  I’ve never seen someone forage for branches to make a clothes hanger on the spot like she did. Ha!

Madalyn with one of her popular clutch designs.

I’ve admired her work from afar as a local purse and clutch maker, but now that I own one of my own, I am a huge fan. I am not shy telling everyone about her, because I get SO many questions about my desert inspired leather clutch. It’s just so darn cute!

Black desert clutch.
A more vibrant take.

This collaboration with Stephanie’s Strong Beautiful Woman campaign and Madalyn’s accessories has energized me in a time of madness in my personal life, and the world. I don’t mean to sound so bah-hum-bug, things are hectic, but so great for me right now.

Aiming to inspire.

I guess what I mean is that it’s so easy to find negativity all around you, and numbingly shocking headlines in the news, which makes me appreciate the love of these beautiful sisters and the message that they are putting out into the world even more. Their sisterly spirit is contagious and beautiful.

Sisterly Love.

You can follow along with these power sisters through their instagram’s @stephanien7 and @madalynnault to keep up with latest happenings. Stephanie is available for bookings for professional makeup sessions and Madalyn will be out and about at local markets with her accessories.  She also takes custom orders and you can also find her at local boutiques!

“Strong in body, strong in mind, strong in convictions.

Beautiful to your own standards and living a life true to yourself.

Woman. Expressing your femininity and embracing all that goes along with that.”

– Stephanie Nault, Professional Makeup Artist, Creator of Strong Beautiful Woman Campaign.

And if no one else has told you lately….

you are strong and beautiful, just like you were made to be.

Sending sunshine, beauty, & strength,


***Note:  You’ll have a chance to buy from Madalyn Nault’s accessories at this Friday at studio 223 in Gilbert for their grand opening party 5-9 then AZ Share that You Care on Nov 4, followed up by Phx Flea on small business Saturday!

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