Life Update 07.02.17

I have a dirty secret…

I don’t keep a handwritten journal….. G A S P!

I have been advised time and time again that this is simply the best thing I can do for myself.  I like the idea of keeping one, but actually following up on that idea is not real life for me.

By the time we get our little human to bed, and finally eat, and think about doing our dishes and decide we’ll do them later (but then poor grandma always gets to them- we owe her BIG TIME), and then maybe tidy up a little bit, stumble to bed to face plant into our pillows…. writing out my chaotic thoughts sounds like the last thing I want to do.

The excuses I just laid out are probably even more reason to sort my thoughts out.  Hint: I even called them chaotic. Yikes. But, it’s true… my brain is like a constant ping pong machine of ideas, thoughts, what I find to be hilarious jokes and puns, and always thinking ahead for the next day. There is ALWAYS some form of preparation to be done for the days ahead.

This morning I came up with the concept of a “sentimental Sunday”, an exercise for me to reflect on the week I just had, look at what is on the horizon, and to check in with myself, and ultimately my readers.  Think of it as Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday’s red headed step child.

No offense to gingers, one of my best friends is a fiery red head and I love her to pieces. Side note- did you see the post on the blog from her wedding?

I believe that it’s important for me to extend a piece of my soul and my chaotic brain to all of you especially since my blog is so new. Hey, there’s an actual person typing these words out….  are you feeling lucky yet? Ha!

Let’s go ahead and just jump into it.

This week’s highlights:

WHAT. A. WEEK.  Monday started off with a bang, I had a deadline to meet every day this week personally and professionally.  I didn’t even have time to *think* about posting on my blog.  What I did do though, was reflect on how I was feeling while I was in that space of working towards things I *had* to do vs things I *wanted* to do.  I think the words you’re currently reading are a result of that reflecting.

There were a few fun things sprinkled into the week.  I got to have a soulful lady date with my dear friend and subject of my previous post, Marian.  To know her is such a treat, she is the best at opening her home and making you feel comfortable.

Tom and I stopped by the Phoenix West Elm Opening party Wednesday evening.  It was quite the party, co hosted by The New Darlings, a local husband wife blogging team who are just the cutest. There was a DJ, drinks, and a few local artisans like Citizen HD.

We had our little with us so we enjoyed vicariously through everyone else, and had minor heart attacks around the breakables. It was nice to see a few friendly faces, including the manager of the West Elm, who I was in Student Council with in high school.  Shout out to the Yuma Crims!

By Thursday, we were finally done with house projects and touch-ups just in time for our guest’s arrival.

We ended the work week with my family safely arriving from Germany. Mom, dad, my youngest brother, and their 2 cats made the long haul from across the pond to their new hometown.  We are so excited to have them living close to us!  It’s been 10 years since we lived near each other. Needless to say, we have some catching up to do.

This weekend was the perfect mixture of relaxing and fun.  After keeping it low key for Saturday, the hubs and I took our little sugar on a Sunday night date to the Diamondbacks game, checked out uptown’s new camping themed restaurant, Camp Social, and topped the evening off with scoops of ice cream from Churn.

On the horizon:

Yay, the 4th of July!  A day off in the middle of the week filled with food, sparklers, fireworks, drinks, pool….all the fun things.  It’s perfect timing to celebrate the arrival of my family and all of us being together again.  We don’t have concrete plans, but I’m sure it will be fun regardless.  Sometimes, the unplanned days are the funnest.

For the blog, you can expect to see a Feature Friday post spotlighting a local fiber artist who is sharing her talents with Phoenix as an educator and a local business owner. I’m also in contact with a few other local businesses with more features in the works.  If you have any recommendations I am always open to checking them out!

At work this week, I’m looking forward to: did I mention that day off? Haha but really, I will be meeting with my professional mentor which I always enjoy, and I’ll be taking training for a data visualization tool that I’m pretty pumped about.  Lots of opportunity for growth ahead!

Things I am loving right now:


If you haven’t been introduced to Canva, let me be the first one to do the honors.  Canva is an awesome online tool that allows you to become a designer immediately.  This tool allows you to edit existing designs and templates and come up with your own sleek and eye catching designs.

Since becoming acquainted with Canva, I’ve been basically begging for presentation creation opportunities at work. I know, I’m a sick person. Even if you’re not a blogger, or a big social media guru, maybe this tool can be useful for you in other ways.  Just get on there and check it out!

Mystic Mamma’s Theme for July: “Just do it.”

I’ve been reading mystic mamma for years now, and have been enjoying the monthly posts on “energetic themes” ever since then.  Oh, it’s the first of the month? I check out mystic mamma.  The articles are thought provoking and interesting.  I guess it gives me a reason to blame the cosmos if something goes wrong.

The past few month’s themes have really resonated me and this month’s theme is an appropriate one for me.  So many ideas and things in the works!

The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin:

I’ve had this book for a while but just recently picked it up and seriously started reading it again. The book talks about how the author set up a happiness project for herself, coming up with tangible monthly goals (for a total of 12), that help her simplify and enjoy her life. I plan on checking out her podcast as well.

The book is highly relate-able for me as a working mom and wife who loves staying connected to my passions in life. It’s a great reminder that breaking any seemingly large task into sizable chunks allows more space to enjoy the process and examine the changes they bring.

I’m considering even starting my own happiness project and blogging about it…what would your thoughts on that be? Would you be interested in reading something like that?

This chandelier from my favorite designer, Justina Blakeney:

Oh, someday you will be mine, oh yes, you will be.

3 songs you should check out:

If you’re feeling fresh: 

Summer Feels:

Keep it chill:

I hope you enjoyed this type of post, I plan on doing it at least 2x a month. Hope you have a great week! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Sending sunshine,


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