I had an hour or so to myself yesterday and I promised myself I would take care of important errands like go to the DMV.  But then I stumbled upon a friend’s post that mentioned Sweet Salvage so I decided that checking that out would become my new important errand.  Hey man, priorities right? In my defense, I have had a few friends who have asked me to keep my eyes peeled for things to decorate their places with, so I chalked this up to my civic duty.

Sweet Salvage is located in the Melrose District, at 4748 N 7th Ave.  They are open the 3rd weekend of every month, Thursday through Sunday.  You can keep up to date with them at their website http://sweetsalvage.net/ or on Instagram @sweetsalvage.  Every month they have different themes to their show and this weekends is “Color Stories.”  This weekend’s designer was Michelle Nas, owner of Pardon my French in Phoenix.

When you enter the front door you get a lanyard with a number on it.  As you browse their bountiful and impressive set up, should you put anything in your hand as if you’re interested in buying it, one of the friendly staff members will offer to hold the merchandise for you in the back.  Using the number you were given, they’ll gather your goodies, and offer to bring them back out if you want to look at something again.  This was a really nice touch because the first thing I happened to grab was a large and awkward-to-carry pillow.  I wound up not getting the pillow because I decided I didn’t need it…darn voice of reason.

As I moved from display to display, I was frantically sending my friends pictures of things that I thought would interest them, and trying to remember to take deep breaths.  I was having legitimate heart palpitations as my eyes feasted upon all of the boho, vintage, eclectic goodness Sweet Salvage has to offer.  The first things that really stood out to me was all of the great textiles and textures.  There were macramé and sequined pillows, throws with tassels and fringe, chunky rope table runners,  and dyed textiles.  There was an impressive selection of chandeliers and lighting hanging from the warehouse ceiling. .

In the middle of the main storefront they had a darling shabby chic bed set up and a section for clothing that made it feel like a dreamy boutique.  I was on a time crunch so I didn’t really browse through that but at first glance it looked like something I would be interested in checking out.  Lots of flowy frocks and some children’s clothes.  Immediately around the corner from that was an elegant pink section full of sparkly and shiny things and this beautiful pink and gold chaise.

As you go towards the back of the store one display that was styled with a jungalicious vibe in mind.  I’ll tell you more later, but if you’re not familiar with The Jungalow by Justina Blakeney, you will be because she is my inspiration when it comes to home décor. So this is really where the heart palpitations begin.  I spot a velvet emerald green modern couch to show my friend, but darn, it has a tag on it that says “SOLD: ON THE WAY TO MY NEW HOME”. I saw some of the crew wrapping it up as I left later….bye Emerald Green Beauty.

In between the main store and the warehouse they have an outdoor section where you’ll really see a good mix of vintage outdoor furniture and oddities, off hand items like sinks and old signs.  Beyond that you’ll enter the warehouse which has an eclectic mix of items.  I had to walk away from several gorgeous gold frames and gold framed mirrors.  I went in there to just peek and could have easily spent a lot of money I don’t have.  This is where I found my purchases of metal numbers for our house address, and a beautiful wicker ottoman with wooden legs.  I actually almost didn’t see the ottoman but something told me to take another look and boom.  I saw it.  Eye on the prize, I marched straight to it and picked it up, barely inspecting it because I knew, that was that.  Of course it fits right in at home and I couldn’t be more pleased with my find.

My loot:


This is going on today until 6 pm and they’ll be open tomorrow from 10:00-6:00 as well.  You can check the calendar on their website for the entire year to verify the dates they’ll be open.  I will definitely be going back again!  If you aren’t looking to buy anything, visiting is still a real treat for the eyes.  I loved how everything was thoughtfully styled and I left feeling inspired by what I saw.  I will say that things were moderately priced.  It wasn’t the cheapest vintage I’ve seen but I saw a lot of reasonably priced items too so I’m confident that there would be something there for most people on the market for anything vintage.

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