In honor of Cinco De Mayo approaching, I wanted to share the fiesta themed party we just threw for our daughter’s 2nd birthday…hence the TWOsday. At its core, it was a fiesta for adults, because I’m pretty sure 2 year olds don’t appreciate margaritas and tacos quite yet, but give it some time.

One of my favorite things about this theme was that I turned around and used the same party decorations a few weeks later for a themed luncheon I was in charge of, and it was a huge hit. That themed luncheon then spilled over into my cube at work and I have had a fiesta themed desk for several months now and people who walk by are just tickled by it. I will share more of my thoughts on that in a future post because I feel very strongly about enjoying all of the spaces you occupy.

Fiesta Cube
Cento can with succulent and Two Trees Botanical dino planter.

A little over 2 years ago, in the wee hours of the morning on February 20th, 2015, we were blessed with a little bundle of joy who we call our little creature. When this little creature of mine was laid on my chest for the first time, I did what any new mom would do. Overwhelmed with joy and love, I studied her little face and relished in the beautiful confusion I was feeling, and then I started planning her second birthday party theme, Taco TWOsday.

*Cue record scratch* JUST KIDDING.

I wanted to add a little fanfare to the situation, but really, this idea was quite organic. Of course we will have a fiesta for her 2nd birthday, and of course we will consume large amounts of tacos and margaritas. This is just life.

For once in my life, I actually started preparing for this event plenty in advance. I knew I wanted to add a lot of special little touches to the theme such as hand painted terracotta pots with succulents in them. Not because Clara will remember these little touches for the rest of her life, but because I feel genuine joy hosting for others and watching a plan come to life.

Planning a party or a get together is one way to entertain my restless creative side. I was also motivated by the fact that my parents and youngest brother were going to be able to join us for this occasion from Germany. They’ll be moving here in a just a few more months so we’ll be able to resume the memory making as a family, can’t wait.

On that note, I’ll start actually talking about the party.

Here’s the link to my Pinterest board that was a source of inspiration for me throughout the process, because I’m a basic millennial. I’ll deal with it. One of the first things I did was ordered a base of necessary supplies like inflatable cacti, geronimo balloons, serape table runners, and streamers and festooning in every color.

“Festooning?” You might ask…

Festooning is a way prettier, more full and dynamic party streamer. I know, I may have missed my calling as a festooning saleswoman. There are many to choose from out there but I ordered mine off of Amazon. I used the festooning and streamers combined with colorful fans as the main focal point for the goodies table which was basically the star of the show (runner up to the birthday girl, of course).

I picked up some of the supplies from Wal-Mart such as colorful fake flowers, tassel garland in different colors, and your basic balloon. I was thrilled by the paper plates I found in the party section. There were gingham plates and then two different types of floral plates all in different colors. One thing I’ve noticed from all the fiesta themed parties online were that there was kind of a hodge-podge feel to them, and these plates were perfect for that. I also found pre-portioned and individually packaged Tio Rico’s rice pudding and caramel flan at Wal-Mart. Didn’t even know I needed them until I happened upon them on my quest for sour cream. Who knew?

Another thing I happened upon was this Taco Truck from Famous Oto, a Brooklyn Toy Company.

When I saw it, I knew this would be one of those special touches I was all amped up about. It’s made out of cardboard and they ship it to you flat in a box with easy assembly instructions. There is some folding involved, counting below 10, and fitting it together like a puzzle. Voila!

Something hilarious worth mentioning… the taco truck design was so authentic it had fake bird poop printed on the top of the truck.  Now that, is attention to detail. 

Also from this company, you can buy an ice cream truck or get your cat it’s very own Brooklyn building cat house, or a mini ice-cream truck fit for a kitty king. All necessary things, I know.


A fiesta isn’t complete without a taco bar and margaritas! My husband felt like he squeezed about 200 limes that day, which might not be inaccurate, but the margs were worth the squeeze.

We had our taco bar catered by Pho King Kitchen. You might think to yourself, “That doesn’t sound Mexican.” Because it isn’t. You also might notice that if you say the name quickly out loud, you’ve got yourself a certified potty mouth.

But, oh lordie …they have AMAZING tacos. I could dedicate an entire separate post to how good the food is there.

This is a food truck turned restaurant on the corner of Thomas and Hayden and the food concept is an Asian / Mexican fusion. Bahn Mi burritos, and Americana Pho are some of our favorites. Check out their menu here.

Food City was our dear friend in the days leading up to the party. Mexican coke, Jarritos in every flavor, limes, salsa, guac and chips, etc. were purchased.

Oh, dessert table, in all of your glory and sugary goodness.  My mom makes cakes as her side hustle, so naturally she was in charge of all 20 cakes. I kid, there wasn’t 20 cakes be we weren’t far off from that number.  We decided to do an assortment of flavors and sizes of the cake selection. We had horchata, chocolate, mexican vanilla and even key lime sugar cookie dough that we used to make cactus cookies.

As if all the aforementioned wasn’t enough, I also had a batch of churros made by our local Carneceria that we picked up the day of.

We didn’t have official cake stands so I used flipped over baskets and various dishes to display the goodies.

As I mentioned before, I used a bunch of streamers and fans to decorate this space.  Something I accidentally learned, but will probably leverage in the future, is that burlap curtains are a very nifty material to use on a display.  The material has little holes in it so it was a breeze hanging things with floral wire and safety pins.

All parties call for a pre-party.

A few nights before the fiesta, I had some girlfriends over to help me with party crafts, and naturally to consume za and wine. Za was consumed from Boss Pizza Bar.  BLT on crack anyone?

We delighted in our use of puffy paint to put a floral embroidery on terracotta pots.  We ooo’d and aw’d at our ability to fold some tissue paper into a flower. We used colorful Cento tomato cans as planters and placed some small grafter cacti in glass vases I had left over from our wedding.  We put different succulents in the painted pots.

I was so in love with how they turned out! We placed these as decor throughout the party but they were the takeaway gifts for the guests.  Once again, our main demographic was adults so this was a safe choice this time around.

When it was time to serenade the big 2 year old, we all put on our silly mustaches and mini sombrero hats on and watched as she politely played with her 3 tier mini smash cake.  There wasn’t much smashing involved, but we all enjoyed gawking over this tiny creature of ours.  She’s even cute with a mustache.

As you can see, Fiestas transcend all ages and occasions.  I hope you have a great holiday if you’re celebrating, especially because the taco and margarita Gods are shining down upon us on a F R I D A Y this year. Cheers to a safe and fun Cinco de Mayo!

Sending you sunshine,


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