Meet Amy, Fiber Artist Extraordinaire & Local Creative behind Moss Points North


little strings of heaven strategically knotted and twisted to form aesthetically pleasing hanging decor for your walls, or to serve as functioning household items like plant hangers and curtains. It adds texture to any space and makes a great house warming present or maybe a hey, I-was-just-thinking-about you-just-because-gift. Perhaps the gift really lies in the art of learning how to macrame.

A close up of some macrame.

Like I do with many local businesses, I found Moss Points North (MPN) on Instagram.  We had just purchased our new home and it was a blank slate to do whatever I wanted with, Tom declared I officially had carte blanche on the house.

I was at the height of my new found interior decorating awakening, toeing the line of jungalow-style-boho meets mid century meets eclectic glam- er something like that, and macrame fits really well with all of those things. I enjoy seeing that Phoenix has some great local makers in the re-emerging fiber arts industry.

A student practicing square knots.

After a few weeks of drooling over MPN’s macrame pieces I spotted her booth at Phoenix Flea, a modern market curated with local vendors at Heritage Square downtown and I popped in to say hi. Amy was so sweet and a breeze to talk to. We learned she had recently moved from Philadelphia, which clearly sparked up a convo about our favorite show: It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

My spirit animals.

I signed up for her email list so I could stay up to date with macrame happenings, and she reached out shortly after to let me know of upcoming classes.  A few weeks after I signed up for her wall hanging class, I saw her again at The Teapot’s Spring Market.  She showed me the wall hanging we would be making in class and I was pumped. Macrame wizard, show me your ways!

Her class was so fun and surprisingly, I left with a decent looking wall hanging that I later gifted to a friend for her engagement.  That particular class was at The Farm at South Mountain and was a beautiful backdrop to a bunch of furiously knotting ladies under the twinkling lit gazebo. I also longingly recall how it was a little chilly that night, the complete opposite of our current weather situation.

I appreciate the gift of macrame that Amy is sharing with us.  Sure, just buying a macrame piece can spark joy, but imagine the joy you feel when you walk out of a class with a tangible creation that you thought maybe would be difficult for you.  Maybe you’re a natural at everything and my previous statement made you chuckle…. that’s great too.  But it’s about the time spent making it, and the connections you make with your friends or loved ones, or maybe you’ll make some new friends from class.

Amy showing a student how to properly hang the rope before starting their piece.

I had the opportunity to hop into one of her classes recently and snap some photos which was a fun experience for me.  Held at Handcrafted at Heritage Square, I took a moment to appreciate the full circle nature of first meeting Amy there and then months later watching her through the lens of my camera effortlessly lead her students through crafting their own masterpieces.

A side note about Handcrafted…. take a peak at their website to learn more. You can go there to immerse yourself in the experience of pre-electronic technologies like a Kelsey letterpress, pedal scroll saw, wood working, and even weaving.  They offer various workshops too!  Their next event is July 20th, Adult Summer Camp: Flashlights & Squirt Guns, or Star Gazing & S’mores the following week.

You can check Amy’s site any time for class availability or you can request one-on-one and group classes. I took some time to chat with Amy about her creative brand and business, and enjoyed learning more about her.

Interview with Amy Guerrero of Moss Points North

Hi, Amy…. thank you for taking the team to speak with me today.  I’ve been following your company now for a few months on social media, and I am thrilled to be collaborating with you on this post! First things first….

What’s your sign, girl?

Taurus 🙂

Where abouts are you from?

Upstate New York!

When did you move to Phoenix?

It’ll be 6 years this August.

Ah, I see you moved here during one of our finer months. 🙂 What brought you to the Valley of the Sun?

Friends with a free guest room and the ambition to try something new.

Do you have any personal mantras or words of wisdom you can share with our readers?

I’ve never really thought about that– off the top of my head, I’m a firm believer that the right thing will work out (say a new job or buying a house) you just have to keep yourself open to opportunities that come your way.

Can you tell us a little more about Moss Points North?

My business, Moss Points North, is where I share my love of fiber art. I create home decor and accessory items that I sell online and at local pop up markets. I also offer macrame classes throughout the Phoenix valley to share my knowledge and spread the joy of fiber art to others.

How did you get your start in the fiber arts? (woah, that rhymes)

Fiber arts have been an interest since an early age. It probably started with friendship bracelets and hemp necklaces, but I quickly moved onto cross stitch, knitting, crocheting etc. I’ve had an online shop since 2009 but it was 2016 when I started focusing on fibers and growing what the business looks like today.

Moss Points North is an interesting name, how did that come to life?

Moss Points North is a name that speaks to my east coast roots and my love for mystery novels. I’m pretty sure I learned this survival tip from my obsession with Nancy Drew growing up.

Where have you been shopping locally lately?

Lately I’ve been shopping for plants! Hitting up The Bosque on Roosevelt and their sister store, The Pueblo, over on Garfield has been the perfect place to find new plant friends.

I really enjoy when you do local business love shout outs on your insta-stories.  Can you highlight a few of your faves?

I love the bath and body products Strawberry Hedgehog creates, their shop smells the best! Bunky Boutique carries the best gifting items and curates a selection of unique local goods. I’ve walked away with many an adorable pin or tea towel when I browse through their goodies. There is also a wonderful new ice cream shop off Grand Ave called Novel Ice Cream that I’ve been telling everyone about, I recommend you check it out!

Are there any small business owners or creatives that inspire your work?

I am inspired by DIY business owners that have started small and built their career into what they want it to look like. I think we live in exciting times where we have the chance to make our ‘work’ work for us and really shape the way we want our lives and our time to look like.

I am so inspired by your go-getter attitude and how you make fiber arts accessible for average joe’s like me.  Reflecting back on your business’ growth, what would you tell someone considering starting their own business or side hustle?

Work hard and work smart. It is easy to compare or even try things that have worked for other people and often you need to make sure you’re focusing on what will be best for YOUR business. If something seems hard or confusing have the confidence that thousands of other people have accomplished what you’re trying to do (whether its figure out sales tax or start selling things wholesale). There are a lot of resources online and willing business owners to share their experiences if you reach out and ask.

That’s great…thank you! Are there any happenings going on with your business that you want to share?

I’m teaching my first macrame class in LA on July 15th and several classes around the valley throughout the summer. You can always check my website for upcoming class and event information! (

Thank you Amy!

Again, I really appreciated Amy taking the time to chat with me and let me into her class.  See some more of the pics I snapped below.

Happy Friday everyone!  Thanks for stopping by.

Sending sunshine,


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