Exactly one year ago…..

The hubs and I were flying over the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean, excited for our delayed honeymoon in St. Lucia.  We figured since we rushed everything else, why rush the honeymoon?  It gave us an adventure to look forward to, which if you’re parents like us, you would agree adventures are important!  So 6 months after we got married, we set off for our Caribbean escapade.

If you’re not familiar with where St. Lucia is…..

map by operationworld.org
Boop! There it is.  A little tiny slice of paradise, the 2nd most southern island in the Caribbean.

Our first glimpse at a St. Lucian fishing village.
Fast forward 11 months, and I’ve launched myself a blog.  As I sat down one night to brainstorm topics for future posts, one of the first things I jotted down was “St Lucia Recap” since a year had almost passed.  I eagerly got out our Go Pro which has been housing footage we’ve barely watched.   We’ve got some good footage for memories, but I was a little bummed out that I didn’t have a lot of usable content.  We have mostly videos, which I can share at some point, but we didn’t really go picture crazy.  I think we did a good job of living in the moment and soaking the honeymoon in, which is great at the time, but terrible for future posts about the trip.

Fresh off the plane.
Then, there it was.  This morning my husband got an email from a couple that we had met on the 2nd day of our St Lucian adventure. The email apologizes for being a year late and then has a google file folder attached with images from the day we went zip lining.  I was so thrilled!  I had totally forgotten about these pictures so it was an amazing surprise.  If our friends we met in St Lucia are reading this, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU.  I could care less that it took a year, I almost prefer it that way.  We got to relive one of the funnest moments of our lives this morning as we flipped through the pictures.

The view from our sea side cottage at Rendezvous Resort.
We arrived at our resort and took a stroll before dinner.  We were in love with the Caribbean already.

Golden Caribbean sun.
We decided that after travelling we would rest up for our fun day of zip lining taking place in the morning.

Chandeliers hanging in the resort’s tree.
The next day we got up nice and early to scarf down our breakfast and enjoy our view for a whole 2 minutes as our driver came into the resort and found us.  He was early but was hootin’ and hollerin’ and motioning for us to hop to it, he had a lot of pickups to make!

The view from the dining patio.
We hopped into the nine passenger van and slid in right next to our soon to be new friends.  After a short conversation we had discovered that they were going to be doing the same boat cruise as us the next day, so we started the process of getting to  know one another on our ride to the jungle where our zip lining would take place.

Fun fact: they drive on the left side of the road in St Lucia.  Another fun fact, there are a lot of mountains and cliffs.  I was trying to keep my cool.

We arrived and they geared us up and talked to us about safety.

Prepped and looking sexy for ziplining.
We were so excited to go zip lining in St. Lucia.  Anyone who knows me, knows I love plants and anything jungle themed.  I was in heaven!!!

“Smile in case this is your last picture ever taken”
This is the part where I’m just going to tell the rest of the zip lining story in pictures… enjoy!

Our new friend making it down safely first.

Taking time for quick jazz hands instruction.

Clearly nervously laughing.


“Light as a feather, stiff as a board, light as a feather, stiff as a board”



Smooches in the jungle. <3
It wouldn’t be a honeymoon post without a picture of us making out right?

I wanted to take the entire rain forest home with me.  It was so lush and beautiful.

And then we were back at it…..

“Oh sweet baby jesus let me make it out a live, this is the BIG one”

A little unsure about this one….

And she’s off!

Just a lil’ excited.

Look at him go!

Bye Felicia
Looking at these pictures really brings me back.  This was such a fun day!  When I’m going stir crazy in the office I’ll be staring at these, daydreaming.

Being that this trip was a year ago, I’m not feeling so fresh on the details of everything… hello, it was all inclusive open bar at the resort….. so I’m just going to tell the rest of our story with pictures mostly.

Sail boat out to the Pitons.

The majestic Pitons.

The town of Soufriere, which translates to “Sulfur” in French. And I promise you, based off of the smell of this place, that was an appropriate name.

Admiring the Pitons, which is an active volcano.

I love how colorful the Caribbean is!

Soufriere mud baths. Stinky, muddy, and a whole lotta fun!

Visiting a cocoa plantation. Surprised to learn that St. Lucia provides most of Hershey’s cocoa supply.

Where we stopped for a nice lunch with the group. It was sprinkling and sunny out, my favorite.

Not pictured….

Our new friends getting engaged at a beautiful waterfall.  Also not pictured, Tom being only a few feet away from them, messing with the seemingly broken Go Pro, but deafened by the waterfall.  Everyone was watching and cheering as she said “Yes” and Tom was extremely confused, but quickly realized when everyone started cheering that something was up. Tom will forever be apart of that couple’s story!  So funny.

Our overall game plan for the honeymoon was to hit the ground running doing adventurous stuff at the beginning of the trip, and then maxin & relaxin for the rest of the time.

The resort had private pools sprinkled all over the property.  Literally wanted to stay there forever!
In between all you could eat and drink, there was couples massages, water sports, and meeting a seemingly endless amount of Brits who were all very interested in our now President, (oh, brother).   We did some relaxing sunset yoga as well.

Take me back!
Enjoying bottomless champagne.One of our last night’s there, we were invited to a special reception that took place under the chandelier tree in the front of the property.  There were endless drinks of course, and an amazing steel drum band playing amazing renditions of modern songs.  Every night there was  some sort of entertainment, or a bon fire.  We even saw a small private vowel renewal ceremony take place between some of our new British friends.

We had an adventurous, yet relaxing time.  And of course we missed the heck out of that little creature of ours.

We were thrilled to learn that the friends we made while we were there are only 3 weeks out from their wedding.  We feel blessed to have been a part of their forever story. St. Lucia will always have a special place in our heart!

Our last picture on the island.
Where did you go on your honeymoon?  Or where is your dream destination?  I would love to hear about it!

Sending you sunshine,


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