Hello, world. Remember me?

It’s been about ohhhh 4 months since you guys have heard from me. I’ve got to say things have taken a positive turn! The last time you heard from me, I was 6 weeks pregnant but hadn’t announced that yet. I was still processing the few months leading up to that point where life had presented us with some challenges. (you can read about it here)

Soooo…. really though, life has been a little different lately. I’m growing a tiny human inside of me, so there’s that, yayyy! But also, this beautiful, awe-inspiring process, has left me feeling anything but.

I can truly say, I know what Austin Powers felt like when he lost his mojo.

I’ve been anxious to get back into writing and back to making my soul happy. Don’t get me wrong I’ve been happy, but it’s been different. In fact, it hit me out of nowhere yesterday.

HOLY SMOKES there is not one aspect of my life that is not changing right now. In fact, I’m not even going to get into them now, it’s so many. I’m going to break all of the ways my life is changing into different posts to publish in the near future.

I just wanted to break this writing dry spell and say HELLO! I’m still alive, and I really appreciate the people that have reached out to me the last few months to check on me. Things are great, I’ve just been in a little cocoon experiencing a metamorphosis of life!

You’ll have to check back in the next day or so to see my first post about life’s changes lately. Now excuse me while I excitedly hit this “publish” button.

Sending sunshine,


3 thoughts on “Writer’s Unblock.”

  1. Think of how a newborn baby doesn’t show a reaction to much but is taking in all the new sensations. It is all so new that they don’t know how to respond yet. They can only absorb. Soon enough they are able to smile back. Life is changing for you quickly and just like the little newborn, you will have plenty to say before you know it.

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